Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, we do offer wholesale opportunities to qualifying stores and boutiques. If your shop is interested in selling Hands On For Homemade products, feel free to reach out through our contact link.

Do you accept returns/exchanges?
No, we do not accept any returns or exchanges due to the handmade, custom nature of our products. Feel free to contact us if you feel there is an error with your order.

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes, we do! Contact us directly for gift cards in any amount!

Do you accept custom orders?
Yes, we are always happy to accept custom orders. We pride ourselves on being a fully custom décor shop, meaning we can always tweak color, sizing, style and patterns for any blanket.

What materials do you use?
We use a 100% Vegan Chenille yarn which is polyester. We use no animal products (wool, leather, etc.) in our shop making us happily cruelty-free!

Do your blankets shed?
No! Our chunky, soft yarn will give you none of the shedding, pilling mess of wool. That means you won’t be picking wool off of your bed, carpet, face, etc.

What colors do you offer?
We currently offer seventeen different color options:
Ivory, Light Gray, Charcoal (Dark Gray), Powder Blue (Light Blue), Royal Blue, Amethyst (Deep Purple), Oceanside (Teal-Blue), Aqua (Turquoise), Sunflower, Chalk Pink (Light Pink), Hot Pink, Crimson (True Red), Cranberry (Burnt Red), Coral, Harvest Orange, Koko (Medium Brown), Khaki (Tan) 

What sizes are available?
Our standard sizes we offer are as follows:

Small Pet (20”x30”)
Toddler (36”x36”)
Mini Throw (40”x50”)
Throw (46”x60”)
Throw+ (50”x67”)
Full (54”x74”)
Queen (60”x80”)
King (76”x80”)

Twin+ (66”x86”)
Full+ (81”x86”)
Queen+ (86”x96”)
King+ (95”x108”)

• Full, Queen, King are “Mattress” sizes and come to the edge of the bed but do not hang over.
• Twin+, Full+, Queen+ and King+ are standard comforter sizes which extend over the end and both sides of the bed.

We’re always happy to accommodate custom dimensions, feel free to message us for a quote!

Are you able to choose more than one color in a blanket? Does it cost more?
You’re able to choose one or more colors at no additional charge for any given blanket. Feel free to mix and match!

Do certain knit patterns/styles cost more?
Yes, we offer a variety of knit styles and patterns, some of which cost a bit more than others.
This pricing difference is due to the variation in the amount materials used for different patterns and styles. In other words, some of our patterns require more time and materials than others and are priced accordingly.

Are these able to be washed?
Yes! These blankets are able to be machine washed and dried. This characteristic alone makes them ideal for every day use by you, family or even pets!

How much is shipping?
There is no additional charge for shipping, we believe in no shockers in the shopping cart.

Do you ship internationally?
We are currently only shipping within the United States.
Feel free to reach out to us directly if you’re out of the country and need to place an order.